Who we work with

In short: Company between Seed and Series B with some traction but a model which needs to be refined and processes to be put in place to scale the company.

For example:

  • SaaS/Subscription Businesses: The conversion funnel is key. MRR, Churn rate, cohort analysis are our friends. We know how to measure, monitor and improve these.
  • Seed funded startups: You just got $500k and the time has come to use it. You grow your team from 5 to 20 employees in 6 months and start having issues you did not anticipate. We help you manage your growth and implement the processes to best use your funds, and prepare for the next round of funding.

How we work together

In short: whatever makes sense for you and your business. We can focus on just strategy or execution, but our forte is to combine both: we support the entrepreneur in refining his vision and strategy and empower the teams to execute on this.

For example:

  • A few days a month over time: Your business does not require a full time CFO, COO or other C-level role. We work with you regularly, providing you the needed skills and experience while saving you the hassle and cost of hiring a full time person.
  • For a specific mission: From a week to a month, we work alongside your team to solve your most pressing issues so you can continue growing your business.