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The key principles we operate with are:

  • We think online first: We help businesses embrace the cloud for their operations. We do the same for ourselves. If something is not in the cloud, it does not count.
  • We deliver OCD high quality work
  • We believe in personal development: Companies are platforms one can leverage to learn. We help teams of our customers enjoy their work and grow. We do that internally too. Lifelong learning is the way to go.
  • We care about results more than efforts: Having everything online and being self learners, we are not bound by time and location, only by deliverable to customers.

If you have similar beliefs, contact us to find a role for you.


In our business and financial planning work, we need to have past and present data. That leads us to accounting work.

We leverage Xero, Receipt Bank and Expensify to automate accounting as much as possible.


Position: Internship, Part Time, Full Time
Location: Wherever


Before delivering work to our clients, we have to make documents, decks and websites look good.

Position: Part Time, Contract based
Location: Wherever

Software Engineers

Ruby on Rails, Python, Javascript

Position: Internship, Part Time, Full Time
Location: Wherever