We provide high growth startups the tools and processes they need to make sense of their business and financial data, allowing them grow in a scalable way.

Conversion Funnels

We review each step of your conversion funnel and help everyone in the company to understand the impact they have. When people understand the part they play in improving the company's performance, their jobs become more meaningful.

We bring financial and non-financial data together.

Business Insights & Dashboards

As proud data geeks, we look at your available business data, gather additional data and figure out what it means for your business. This includes identifying that "WOW" moment that hooks your users.

We help you get your KPIs straight. We examine which KPIs and metrics you look at, which you should look at and why and how you should review them as well as how best to communicate them.

  • Recently, we provided an up-to-date overview of the health of a SaaS business thanks to improved individual dashboards and the creation of a company-wide aggregated dashboard with automation where it made sense (yes, sometimes a spreadsheet is better than a complex tool).

Financials & Business Plans

Most business plans are nothing more than random numbers going up and to the right.
We help you improve the precision of these plans and create a budget and forecasts you can trust to manage your investmentsgrowth and runway.

  • Recently, we adjusted the hiring plans of a company based on revenue, growth and cash flow.

Go-to-Market Strategy

Face it, nobody cares about you today. In this light, how will you reach your projections and are they realistic?

  • Recently, we sized the market opportunity for a mobile app that wanted to reach one million users within three months. We analysed the current marketing plan, identified the different targets, adjusted the forecast accordingly and found new approaches to increase reach.


Investors invest in lines, not in dots. We help you manage your fund raising process, providing the data as well as guidance on the best way to communicate its message to potential investors.

We support you in your negotiations, ensuring the term sheet and investment agreement clauses are clear and beneficial to your business. 

  • Recently, we generated the data visualisation needed to clearly communicate the traction and potential of a Pre-Series A startup. We also improved the pitching deck and supported the entrepreneur during the fundraising process, leading to successful closing.


We set up your analytics and analyse them to get actionable insights.

Google Analytics, MixPanel, Totango and GoSquared are just a few of the tools we love using.

  • Recently, we increased the marketing impact of a web business four-fold through detailed analysis of campaign conversions.

Investor Relations

We help you leverage your investors' skills and network through the timely and efficient communication of your progress, traction and finances.

  • Recently, we created a monthly investor update template that matched the needs of an online business as well as a time-efficient process for filling in the template. Investors love knowing how well their investees are performing but don't want investees wasting time updating them instead of growing their business.