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I like working with Florian because he brings solutions to issues we are yet to identify ... and they make sense.
— Adelina Peltea, VP of Marketing, TradeGecko
Part Time CFO, Starter Kit

During a call (up to 2 hours), we go through your financials and business models (and other documents you share with us) with you.

- Monthly business and financial review.
- Analysis of key data points
- Guidance to improve your financial process

$600/month (subscription will be activated after review of the first month)

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Be it financial forecasts, cash management, growth planning, conversion funnels or investor relations, Florian understands my business and brings immediate solutions that match my current situation.

Florian even brought together a syndicate to participate in Our Health Mate fundraising
— Abhinav Krishna, Founder and CEO, OurHealthMate
Florian cut through the noise and made sense of our metrics. His technical ability was incredibly useful as well.
— Reuben Lee, Founder and CEO,